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Vilamoura Portugal
25 º
Humidity 48 %
Wind 4 km/h
Albufeira Portugal
27 º
Humidity 40 %
Wind 4 km/h
Vila Real de Santo António Portugal
24 º
Humidity 29 %
Wind 4 km/h

Algarve has won several international tourism awards, including Best European Destination. This has been achieved because of the top quality of its hotels and resorts, located in amazing natural landscapes and top services.


Monte Gordo

Monte Gordo is a small fisherman’s village as well as a famous tourism destination and a seaside resort since the 1960's. It’s surrounded by a pine forest and has a wide and long beach of white and fine sand with the warmest water of Continental Portugal. In this village you can find several hotels and a casino, some local shops and several restaurants serving the best fish and seafood. The bridge over the Guadiana River, crossing to Spain, is at a 10 minutes’ drive.

Vila Real de Santo António

Vila Real de Santo António is a city in the extreme southeast of the Algarve, where the Guadiana River flows into the Atlantic sea, establishing the border with Spain. Surrounded by an immense pine forest, the Castro Marim marsh, and the longest sandy beach that goes as far as Cacela Velha, it has a marina and a harbour, several hotels and sports infrastructures. In addition to its natural riches, you can also find the historical heritage and some fine architecture, such as in Marquês de Pombal Square and neighbouring streets or the Cacela Velha fortress.


In the middle of the Algarve region, this important tourism destination has a charming historical centre and beautiful beaches over the Atlantic sea, either with long sands or in small coves surrounded by orange cliffs. This city of around 40 000 inhabitants is used to welcoming visitors from all over the world e specialized in hospitality. With a good climate, a range of hotels and sports infrastructures, it's a favourite tourism destination for thousands every year. It has a marina and a busy night life with restaurants, bars and nightclubs.


Vilamoura is an internationally known tourism destination. With a perfect combination of nature and leisure, it is home to some of the best resorts in the world. Here, you can find the best hotels and a great variety of sports infrastructures: several competition and training golf courses, athletics’ tracks, horse-riding courses, marina and recreation harbour, as well as charming beaches. Vilamoura also offers a rich nightlife with bars, nightclubs and a casino.

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